Wiesbaden ’17

Faces Of Wiesbaden

Thanks to everybody for letting me shoot these lovely indoor pics during rain delays and other waiting situations.

Best Of WTO
Wiesbaden 6/5/17

Wiesbaden, 6/5/17 — Vivian Heisen, what an athlete, what a fighter, what a lovely and decent character, what a beauty, Her face reminds me of my favorite bird, the puffin. 30 years younger I’d honestly have to think about it. And sadly probably, because her boyfriend is a superhero and no less is what she deserves… Katharina Hobgarski, who always dresses up pretty sexy and seems to be kind of a mockingbird, is hard to depict in a proper way, but since she is an intense and talented young gun she fully deserves the attempt. Congrats to Kathinka von Deichmann for winning the singles title. Good to have lovely Petra Martic back on track after a long injury break. Nice pics of impressing Ana Karolina Schmiedlova, too.

Rolf Schmid, tournament director of the “Wiesbaden Tennis Open (WTO)”. This man had to worry abouit lots of things during this week. So many rain delays and stuff. And what a job he did, always calm, always nice, even to a little photographer like me. Thanks!
Vivian Heisen and Storm Sanders winning the doubles title in Wiesbaden [6/5/17]
Vivian Heisen and Storm Sanders – doubles final @ Wiesbaden 6/5/17

Wiesbaden 2&3/5/17
Wiesbaden 2&3/5/17 - a little bestof for starters. As I know that there is some interest to watch them soon I decided to show these images unedited first. Later I'll come up with more and then edited photos. As I am off for work now on Thursday and Friday, I wish everybody good luck with the weather and everything. Maybe I'll make it for the weekend again. Below my choice for Day Two. As its 166 files I kept them small, maybe a larger version later... For the weekend I am heading for Wiesbaden again, so it will be maybe Tuesday when one can expect to find the pics of that and Day Three.
Below my choice for Day Two [2/5/17]. As its 166 files I kept them small, maybe a larger version later...

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