THE BALL. These are the pictures I find the most interesting and which reflect best the goal I had in mind when starting this project of tennis photography. I definitely adore the energy, commitment, abandon and work, work, work all those amazing women and girls invest in what they love the most, tennis. At least in the split seconds which are reflected in these photos the players succeed perfectly in being in the 'here and now'. In the remaining time they may be distracted by ambition or frustration or guff like that, but not in these tiny and precious 'cells of presence'. Being held in high esteem in some schools of eastern philosophy, in our western culture the art or being in the moment is not considered a very high value. In tennis, on the other hand, you can make a fortune out of it. How fascinating all the different and often most intense emotions the players display on their faces in that moment of or around the ball contact. In those tiny time islands, where everything is dense and focused, it's just about tennis. Just about... ...THE BALL!

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1-220, to be continued

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