Nürnberg ’17


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Press conference Barbara Rittner…
…in which she tells the journalists about the Siegemund knee surgery, her minimum six month injury lay-off and other topics…


Dear Laura,

since Barbara Rittner informed the press this noon about your surgery and the upcoming at least six months off for recovery, I am sad, sad, sad. I know, that you are a tough girl, much tougher than me. You will bear this stroke of fate bravely and with all the strength you have. The video I took from your match against Krejcikova had over 800 visits in not more than 24 hours. Nothing can comfort you right now, as I suppose, but I want you to take this huge interest not as sensation mongering but as a sign, how many people are with you at this moment within their hearts. I am, that’s for sure. If I could do something for you, I would. What you need right now, are good doctors and good friends. Bet you have both! I wish you all the best and a swift, swift reconvalescence!!!

some other pics of the day…


A little best of…


This footage has been taken quite immediately before Laura Siegemund suffered her knee injury. Albeit being quite a grapple she probably would have won this otherwise. For me she was the frontrunner anyway. Let’s hope that she’ll be able to recover soon…

New video of Laura Siegemund practicing on 22/5/17 available @ Youtube. link

Poor brave Laura Siegemund and poor brave Sandra Reichel, who had to deal with the second big loss for the tournament today. But life goes on and tough and strong as these two women both are, each in her very own way, everything will be dealt with in the outmost positive and constructive way. As Barbara Rittner said in the press conference, it’s a huge pity, that Laura is interrupted by this injury in a phase, which might be the strongest in her life. Really bad, that she now will not be able to play Roland Garros. Fingers crossed. Get well soon, dear Laura Siegemund!


Young guns Gerlach, Rueffer and Hobgarski should not be too disappointed, but take it for a valuable lesson instead, learned in an enjoyable classroom. It’s not a shame to lose against a Bertens, Beck or Siegemund. Best wishes for Genie Bouchard. Fingers crossed that she can cure her injury just in time to be ready for Roland Garros. At any rate the guys with the nice T-shirts on the last pic will have to wait for another opportunity now to meet their dream girl in person.


Today I have been shooting more video than photos, but there are some nice results here, too. The cutting of the footage probably will take some time. Check it out on my Youtube channel…


Best of Sunday, 21/5/17. Sorry, no time for editing, pics are displayed as they come from the camera – up since 6am and will go and get some sleep now. See ya t’morrow. Albeit obviously liking all the pics, I do love especially the last two ones showing Kateryna Bondarenko and her lovely daughter. Judy Murray is a harsh and nice woman who has quite interesting things to say. Remarkable the endurance with which she spent the whole afternoon giving lessons to local children. Barbara Rittner, the respectable tennis official seems to be a lovely woman with a huge heart as well. Absolutely adorable the way tournament director Sandra Reichel is hiding all the effort of her job by giving the impression of everything happening quite naturally and without any stress or hassle. That it is not as light as that all the time you can see mirrored on the faces of her assistants sometimes, but even they are very good illusionists. For me as freelancing photographer there are really really good working conditions here, for which I am really really thankful.


Genie Bouchard, another practice session featuring Thomas Högstedt. It’s really fun to watch these two guys working together. Thanks for allowing me to take this lovely footage. On court fun & self-confidence, yeah, that’s what Genie needs. And she’s getting it from the Swede, whom I started to call ‘medicine man’ by myself today. Or… …the DUDE.

Another impressing Swede. After Kirsten Flipkens (on the other side of the net) almost killed the cameraman this was a nice shooting as well. 😉

Just a little 'best of' from 20/5/17 in Nuremberg...

Genie Bouchard practice session…

A quick 'best of' from 19/5/17 in Nuremberg.

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