Hechingen ’17

So, what did I learn this time.

That you never should try to take a camping mat with you riding on a Vespa. It will cause immense trouble as far as the steering is concerned.
That it’s no problem to stand on the hard shoulder of a motorway in pouring rain while exploring and fixing that issue.
That it’s nice to be trusted, not so nice to be mistrusted.
That it’s possible to find agreements even in difficult situations.
That riding long distances on your Vespa thinking, reminiscing, singing, shouting some nonsense into the wind or just mentally floating, is sheer freedom and pleasure. Even if it’s dark and raining and you don’t see anything through your windshield covered with raindrops and you have to creep like a snail with 60 km/h, it’s fun and adventure and something to be really proud of afterwards.

In the wind, under the sky,
flying like a bird am I.

But very nice as well to come down to earth now again deciding not to go to Leipzig next week but to clean up my apartment instead a bit, which seems to be quite a good idea. And to do some practicing for upcoming musical engagements in September.
Maybe it’s Braunschweig for a couple of days, we’ll see…

P.S.: When a nice man felt entitled to painfully prick his finger into my back as I was passing him by during a changeover break in the Korpatsch semifinal, looking for a new shooting position, I couldn’t help scolding him a little bit, which of course would have been nicer to be avoided. Sorry to the players for that short distraction! But Tamara won the match anyway. A very talented young gun she is sincerely deserving wider recognition. And a very nice person as well. Fingers crossed for her Hechingen final today and then Flushing Meadows!
Like almost always, the episode with that index finger in my back had a positive aspect as well, since it gave me the initial spark to leave, earlier than I had intended, and so I was able to be at home at 11:15 pm, which was nice.

Congrats, Tamara Korpatsch, for winning this tough one in three! So her mojos did a good job again today…

Just found this portrait shot of Tamara Korpatsch, which was taken last year in Bad Saulgau.



Day cancelled completely due to heavy rain. But it was ok to wait with the players til 3pm, reading, chatting, shooting some pics on the terrace and during some indoor practice sessions…


What a broad variety of types and characters is cobbled together under the roof of tennis! 1. Anita Husaric 2. Chiara Scholl 3. Richel Hogenkamp 4. Isabella Shinikova 5. Renata Zarazua 6. Ludmilla Samsonova 7. Alina Silich 8. Alexandra Cadantu 9. Lena Rueffer 10. Romy Koelzer 11.Scholl/Husaric 12. Jessica Pieri 13. Tereza Mrdeza 14. Pieri 15. – 17. Koelzer/Rueffer 18. Geuer/Wacanno 19. Nicola Geuer, who was quite sick yesterday, still playing. 20 – 25. Alina Silich 26. Amina Anshba 27. Dejana Radanovic 28. Petra Kreijsova 29. Katharina Hobgarski 30. Camilla Rosatello 31. Chantal Skamlova 32. Dalila Jakupovic 33. Patty Schnyder


some more…


some more…

In the light of recent events I feel obliged to explain again and hopefully once and for all, that I am not looking for adventures at the courts! When I call a player beautiful, it’s strictly from the photographer’s, not the man’s point of view. An artist needs to be open-hearted and enthusiastic. When the weather is good, you say: „What a beautiful day it is“. When the meal or wine was enjoyable, you name it that. So, dear caring father of that by the way for quite some time full-aged daughter, who got nervous by that benign compliment I had once given to his darling without expecting such an irksome hassle coming out of it like the discussion with you I had to endure today:

“Cheers to life!!!”

Just be calm and enjoy life!!! Yours and your daughters. Nothing to be afraid of. Only me! Learning by doing and in order to avoid such nonsense in the future I however never will tell a player that I find her beautiful again. But that’s not a big deal, since for me every player truly dedicated and committed to the challenges and wonders of tennis is adorable. How nice life could be without all that anxiety and mistrustfulness among people. One just could feel tempted to call it… … …beautiful. As for me, and even with all those obstacles given, I stubbornly never will cease doing so. We all are thrown and expelled on and off this planet against our will. So, let’s try and make the best out of it instead of wasting our precious time with useless rubbish. Carpe diem. Love & Peace! Cheers to life!!!
P.S.: Albeit unhappily, I am deeply in love right now. And I’m glad to be. Yes, one can be glad to be unhappy. So, dear daughter’s father, one more reason to relax…


Lucky shot of the Morderger Twins today in Hechingen, playing two matches at one and the same time on two different courts…

Hechingen 9/8/17 – This photo of impressing coach Jasmin Wöhr, taken during a pre-match warmup session with Katharina Hobgarski, spontaneously became one of my all time favorites. What aura and abandon!

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