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Daily #205
Kathinka von Deichmann | Versmold ’18

Sometimes foreground and background fit quite well…

Daily #204
Cologne ’18

The Versmold referee giving the signal for today’s finals action to begin

Daily #203
Cologne ’18


Daily #202
Arantxa Rus | Leipzig ’16


Daily #201
Aschaffenburg ’16


Daily #200
Aachen ’17

Looks a bit like one of them trellised passageways through which lions and tigers enter and leave the circus ring. Given that women, and especially female tennis players, are predators as well… … … 😉

Daily #199
Nuremberg ’17

You get what you ask for

Daily #198
Luxemburg ’16

Good service

Daily #197
Nuremberg ’17

At least as fascinated of photography as of tennis I always like to include colleagues in my pics, especially when showing their relationship to their current objects.

Daily #196
Nuremberg ’17

Murray | Workshop

Daily #195
Stuttgart ’17

Match point

Daily #194
Woehr | Versmold ’17


Daily #193
Bredeney ’16


Daily #192
Stuttgart ’17


Daily #190
Altenkirchen ’17

Often old gear does it just as well…

Daily #190
Aschaffenburg `16


Daily #189
Versmold ’17

Rain delay

Daily #188
Leipzig ’16

Off court ambience

Daily #187
Aachen ’18


Daily #186
Aachen ’18

‘JoLa’ [Johanna Larsson] chasing the ball

Daily #185
Aschaffenburg ’16

Woehr | Zaja

Daily #184
Bredeney ’17

Still life

Daily #183
Bredeney ’17

Mothers in the rain

Daily #182
Bredeney ’18

Jan, the smart and fabulous Finnish father of Patty Schnyder’s lovely daughter, didn’t know that the Swiss was famous when he made her acquaintance back then in Hannover, Germany. Thanks for all the nice chats we had on several occasions.

Daily #181
Bredeney ’18

Practicing is fun

Daily #180
Bredeney ’18


Daily #179
Bredeney ’18
Always nice to have more than one layer in an image
Daily #178
Bredeney ’18
Fine-boned Nicola Geuer fell during her doubles match, luckily injury-free, not least because of her perfectly executed judo roll backwards. A little shock though. After the match had ended, which she bravely finished, it probably was good to get some word of comfort.
Daily #177
Bredeney ’18
Tennis Life
Daily #176
Bredeney ’18
Daily #175
Bredeney ’18
Some agreement
Daily #174
Bredeney ’18
– friend or foe? –
Daily #173
Bredeney ’18
Bredeney ambience
Daily #172
Bredeney ’18
Isabella Shinikova trying to help the tog with some funny poses
Daily #171
Bredeney ’18
Tennis flowers
Daily #170
Bredeney ’17
Warming up
Daily #169
Bredeney ’17
Ute Strakerjahn
Daily #168
Bredeney ’17
Daily #167
Bredeney ’17
Mother and Daughter (Koelzer)
Daily #166
Bredeney ’17
Congratulating the victorious
Daily #165
Bredeney ’16
Daily #164
Luxemburg ’15
Head or tales
Daily #163
Leipzig ’16
“Not in this one, dear!”
Daily #162
Barbara Rittner
Head Of Women’s Tennis
Daily #161
Checking the scores
Daily #160
Cologne ’18

Second breakfast

Daily #159
Versmold ’17

Important tennis rule:
Activate the handbrake lever with both hands

Daily #158
Versmold ’17


Daily #157
Wiesbaden ’17

Rain delay

Daily #156
Linz ’16

Shooting tennis

Daily #155
Strasbourg ’16


Daily #154
Nuremberg ’17

sometimes it’s just about structure & constellation

Daily #153
Nuremberg ’17

coaching [Rueffer | Woehr]

Daily #152
Bredeney ’17


Daily #151
Bredeney ’16

Rueffer | Gerlach

Daily #150
Aachen ’18

“Yes, but!”

Daily #149
Cologne ’18

still life

Daily #148
Svetlana Kuznetsova | Eastbourne ’16

“Damned… …missed again!”

Daily #147
Carina Witthoeft | Nuremberg ’17

Media work

Daily #146
Linz ’16

Richel Hogenkamp, watched by Kiki Bertens and their coaches.

Daily #145
Linz ’16

Father Bencic conjuring the ball

Daily #144
Cologne ’18

“Two rings to find them, and in the darkness bind them.”

Daily #143
Elyne Boeykens | Aachen ’18


Daily #142
Aachen ’18

la joie de la victoire
Daily #141
Dinah Pfizenmaier | Cologne ’18

Dedication II
Daily #140
Lidziya Marozava | Cologne ’18

Daily #139
Aachen ’18

What’s up on court 2?
Daily #138
Aachen ’18

Shaking hands
Daily #136
Aachen ’18

Good mood at yesterdays (6/5/18) Bundesliga event in Aachen
Daily #135
Aachen ’17

Daily #134
Aachen ’17

Nice habit in team events to have another player assume the coaching part
Daily #133
Aachen ’17

Daily #132
Strasbourg ’16

Last time these two guys worked together…
Daily #131
Strasbourg ’16

Father and daughter
Daily #130
Strasbourg ’16

Special vibes in this important city
Daily #129
Luxemburg ’15

Coin toss
Daily #128
Bad Saulgau ’16

Daily #127
Wiesbaden ’17

4:43 pm
Daily #126
Nuremberg ’17

Walked quite a distance to reach this POV. One of the rare moments when the image is in my head first and then in the camera.
Daily #125
Linz ’16

Sometimes one is glad afterwards for not having deleted a file…
Daily #124
Eastbourne ’16

Gandalf supporting Monica Puig (and she won).
Daily #123
Luxemburg ’15

Kim Clijsters, who had been supporting her compatriot Yanina Wickmayer, who yet lost this one, had angelic patience with this fan who just didn’t know how to handle his maybe brandnew camera.
Daily #122
Versmold ’17

Daily #121
Nuremberg ’17

Daily #120
Prague ’16

At the practice courts
Daily #119
Linz ’16

Beautiful childhood
Daily #118
Aschaffenburg ’16

Sun protection
Daily #117
Nuremberg ’17

photography = interpretation
Daily #116
Stuttgart ’17

Security guy, kind and trustworthy.
Daily #115
Nuremberg ’17

Kateryna Bondarenko negotiating with her daughter
Daily #114
Linz ’16

Linz tournament director Sandra Reichel welcoming the VIP’s
Daily #113
Nuremberg ’17

Presentress Petra Bindl reflected in the shades of a staff member.
Daily #112
Linz ’16

Patty S.
Daily #111
Versmold ’17

Daily #110
Jakupovic | Raina

First thing to learn for a tennis player: Wait!
Daily #109
Versmold ’17

Daily #108
Luxemburg ’16

Daily #107
Darmstadt ’16

Daily #106
Strasbourg ’16

Joking around
Daily #105
Wiesbaden ’17

Big drama sometimes
Daily #104
Aschaffenburg ’16

Being an avid scooterist myself I do have some amount of sympathy for this guy. And his method works quite well.
Daily #103
Laura Siegemund

Another ritual


Daily #102
Hechingen ’17

The ritual
Daily #101
Eastbourne ’16

Early practice
Daily #100
Strasbourg ’16

Sloane Stephens practicing
Daily #099
Hechingen ’17

Team Korpatsch
Daily #098
Hobgarski | Woehr

Daily #097
Eastbourne ’16

Team Giorgi
Daily #096
Nuremberg ’17

This guy had his eye closely on all the preparations on ‘Day -1’ in Nuremberg.
Daily #095
Darmstadt ’16

Daily #094
Nuremberg ’17

Still sleeping
Daily #093
Strakerjahn | Gerlach | Dog

Those were the days…
Daily #092
Eastbourne ’16

A dangerous place to sit
Daily #091
Prague ’16

Czech Republic > Tennis nation
Daily #090
Nuremberg ’17

This of course was a commercial event. But Julia Goerges always is very nice and kind with children.
Daily #089
Nuremberg ’17

Injured Laura Siegemund. On the left her father. The ‘LOTTO’ logo in the background unfortunately fits pretty well. When you’re taking risks as Laura did in that match, it’s a lottery if you manage to stay healthy or not. A dance with the devil.
Daily #088
Wiesbaden ’17

‘KIESER Training’ is quite an intelligent system for weight training I can strongly recommend (of course not for the players, who have more than enough training). They have branches in many german cities with exactly the same machines. During my time as tennis tog I were in several of them, Stuttgart, Nuremberg…
Daily #087
Nuremberg ’17

Judy Murray > harsh and kind.
Daily #086
Nuremberg ’17

Sometimes by just walking around one suddenly finds a worthwhile perspective.
Daily #085
Aschaffenburg ’16

The good news is, that the ballboy remained completely dry.
Daily #084
Forced perspecive

The big ball somehow seems to be on the small racket.
Daily #083
Versmold ’16

details | awareness
Daily #082
Anna Smith

When you think you know you often don’t…
Daily #081
Stuttgart ’17

Former player, formidable coach: Jasmin Woehr (Wöhr)
Daily #079
Wiesbaden ’17


Daily #076
Nicola Geuer

Still waters run deep

Daily #076
Laura Siegemund

Fingers crossed health-wise!

Daily #076
Wiesbaden ’17

What a beautiful smile of mother Smirnova!

Daily #075
Prague ’16

Always nice to have more than one court to cover. Here it’s Conny Perrin and Natalia Vikhlyantseva.

Daily #074
Aschaffenburg ’16


Daily #073
Bredeny ’16

This interesting man, with whom I had some long and nice conversation about philosophy and this and that, made contact with little Ms. Schnyder using this card. This is one of my all time favorites. So much in it. Old and young, give and take, black and white… …maybe I should send it to Mr. Trump and all those who indulge in bias and hate.

Daily #072
Belinda Bencic

Wardrobe malfunction

Daily #071
Laura Siegemund

Always nice and patient with the fans

Daily #070
Patty Schnyder

This was the first time I met her as a photographer back in 2016 at the Bundesliga event in Ratingen.

Daily #069
Lena Rueffer

Kidding with the stringer

Daily #068
Lemoine Family

Strong people

Daily #067
Mallorca ’17

Press conference Vika Azarenka

Daily #066
Strasbourg ’16


Daily #065
Nuremberg ’17


Daily #064
Eastbourne ’17

What’s going on in the brain of a seagull?

Daily #063
Katharina Hobgarski

Beautiful, when concentrated…

Daily #062
Weinhold | Whoriskey

Depth Of Field

Daily #061
Versmold ’16

Amazing staff at the ‘Reinert Open’

Daily #060
Hechingen ’17

Both Morderger twins playing simultaneously on two different courts.

Daily #059
Katharina Gerlach

Yep, it’s her birthday today…

Daily #058
Nuremberg ’17


Daily #057
Stuttgart ’17

The players needed quite some patience during the amazingly bombastic and yet a bit lengthy opening ceremony.

Daily #056
Luxemburg ’16

Two women,
two jobs

Daily #055
Strycova | Van Uytvanck

Concentration before the match

Daily #052
Linz ’16

Keep or delete?

Daily #052
Nuremberg ’17


Daily #051
Nuremberg ’17

Responsible job

Daily #050
Nuremberg ’17

Everybody was shocked, when they carried injured Laura Siegemund to the ambulance.

Daily #049
Prague ’16

Tennis ambience.

Daily #048
Katharina Gerlach

Solid gold!

Daily #047
Viktorija Golubic

No antlers

Daily #046
Nuremberg ’17

Men at work

Daily #045
Versmold ’17

Tennis teacher and coach Ute Strakerjahn with a new student.

Daily #044
Stuttgart ’17

Tennis is life.

Daily #043
Strasbourg ’16

All the action needed and done swiftly, precisely and so often voluntarily!

Daily #042
Patty Schnyder

Something in the air.

Daily #041
Nuremberg ’17

A good event needs a lot of preparation.

Daily #040
Stuttgart ’17

Don’t get the joke.

Daily #039
Ana Ivanovic

Never ever saw a chair umpire change his/her mind in such a situation. Yet many players still seem to believe they have a ghost of a chance to succeed here. Or is it just about venting of frustration?

Daily #038
Vickery | Muhammad


Daily #037
Luxemburg ’16

On several occasions I could see how fond Stefanie Voegele is of children.

Daily #036
Nuremberg ’17

Online shopping.

Daily #035
Camila Giorgi

Father-daughter bond.

Daily #034
Judy Murray

This famous tennis mother seems to be a bit harsh, but I do believe that deep inside she is a warm-hearted person. As musician I had to do with several Brits and Scots who had some difficulties in showing their soft sides to the public.

Daily #033
Nuremberg ’17

Kids have to show adults the right way sometimes.

Daily #032
Versmold ’17

Karolina Muchova watching a dice game during some rain delay.

Daily #031
Darmstadt ’16

Each tournament needs a guy like this one who takes responsibility for the courts from dawn ’til dusk.

Daily #030
Anna Zaja


Daily #029
Lena Rueffer

Intense. And focused.

Daily #028
Prague ’16

Lovely scene, isn’t it.

Daily #027
Anhelina Kalinina

Often it’s interesting to have the player’s mothers (or fathers) in the background of the practice courts.

Daily #026
Murray | Rittner | Reichel

Nuremberg tournament director Sandra Reichel adorably suffers some pretty close to insulting remarks of a sponsor dealing with her many phone calls to reach the best for the event.

Daily #023
Sorana Cirstea

Two lives

Daily #022
Rosmalen ’16

So often one can see people looking for lost balls at the smaller ITF level. Here it happened on a bigger WTA event as well.

Daily #022
Patty Schnyder

She’s not only looking very young in this photo from Linz ’16, one even is tempted to ‘photoshop’ (albeit in my case it’d be ‘gimp’) her some tinker bell wings. The sign on the wall almost does that job.

Daily #021
Naomi Osaka

Not only quite a talent, she is a really ardent player as well. Stunning, how calm her face always remains, even in the midst of the heftiest action.

Daily #020
Putintseva | Kasatkina


Daily #019
Sceptical and perhaps a little flattered

This WTA supervisor, realizing that my tele lens is interested in her, seems to be a little indifferent, on the fence between doubt and gratification. Yes, one can be beautiful beyond one’s twenties or thirties…

Daily #018
Högstedt | Bouchard

A shaman at work

Daily #017
Francesca Schiavone

How splendid the news that this amazing athlete and person decided to continue for another year.

Daily #016
Petra Krejsova

Nice ‘clay skating’ of the charismatic Czech.

Daily #015
Camila Giorgi

Pretty windy sometimes in cozy Eastbourne

Daily #014
Anna Karolina Schmiedlova

Three assets in this one > Good motion, ‘racket veil’ and closed eyes, which to me often have something meditative, somnambulistic or poetic.

Daily #013
Sara Sorribes Tormo

The old game > Chasing the woman.

Daily #011
Pribylova | Haas

Not very often one can find synchronicity like that, especially with two players resembling each other so much.

Daily #010
Prague ’16

Little man, big wall.

Daily #009
Arantxa Rus

Not having to follow any ‘market rules’ I enjoy the freedom to chose perspectives like this one from time to time, which almost reflects the player’s point of view.

Daily #008
Morderger Twins

It’s not as easy to take good twin pictures as one should presume. The ambivalence of tranquility and action in this one I am quite happy with. Regard the beautiful summer eve’s light setting

Daily #007

What a nice gesture of Viktorija Golubic towards injured Garbine Muguruza last year in Linz. For the spectators that ‘interruptus’ was a pity as it was a very good match with a magnificient Swiss being in the key position.

Daily #006
Genie Army

Nice approach, fashion-wise. Unfortunately their idol just had retired due to knee injury. But real Bouchard fans always keep cool. The thoughts and feelings not so romantic anymore, though. Which probably is a pity.

Daily #005
Waiting for an autograph

How coy and finely he’s waiting for Genie B. to become aware of him. One can almost see his heart throbbing! Felt remembered of all those mega-romantic thoughts and feelings I used to have at that age.

Daily #004
Eastbourne ’16

In this snapshot of course the ‘hichcockian’ bird is the main eye catcher. But by the different facial expressions of the spectators this also is an impressive allegory on how varying we all are in terms of our general reactions.

Daily #003
Oksana Kalashnikova (with Misaki Doi)

Seems to have alighted directly from a Vermeer painting. Never saw her play singles. By the positive and cooperative way she’s listening to her partner’s suggestions one can imagine, why so many players like to team up with her for doubles action.

Daily #002
Carina Witthoeft
A hanseatic uptown girl… …powerful and pure on court
Daily #001
Judy Murray
A woman in charge