Best Of Stuttgart ’17

Svetlana Kuznetsova's coach started to imitate her grunting during the training session, which was really hilarious. You can see it easily on her face. On Maria's face in the end of the collection other things are mirrored. It's not easy for her at the moment. As I'm always with the underdogs, I wish her really well. I liked the fact, that with Sachia Vickery and Asia Muhammad two definitely non-Caucasian players were in the draw. And what strong auras are beaming out of their souls. Sat just behind Sachia's mother during one match and it was really fun listening to her wise and witty interjections condensing big truths in one or two words. Naomi Osaka is interesting to watch as well. Lots of pics of my 'darlings', Simona Halep and Samantha Stosur, two players I consider myself a fan of. But imho each of the pics in this gallery is loveable in its own way, for which I am really thankful. How beautiful Agnieska Radwanska can be! And Kate Makarova. And all the others. What a nice and rich time of shooting this was! For the presentation I chose greyscale again, because it is more intense and shows better, that tennis is more than just a sport, that it is a cultural achievement, a philosophy... that tennis is a dancer! 

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