Life goes on
Sometimes old folks like this one prefer to do some crazy stuff. Yesterday at 7:30am I indulged in climbing my freshly refurbished Vespa Granturismo (the new tires are fun especially in the curves) to make the 400km trip to Kaltenkirchen (‘cold churches’) in Northern Germany. And cold it was. Planned was a mere stopover for the doubles final on my way to Kiel to run some private errands there. But then the day turned out to be so wet and chilly, that when I arrived half an hour late to the scheduled beginning time of that match (massive traffic jam in front of and inside the 3325m ‘Elbtunnel’ with probably not so comfy air to breathe, taking the bridges and the longer road through Hamburg instead, a Hamburg roaring by uncountable Harley Davidson’s probably summoned to a meeting to celebrate the new US tax policy of Mr. ‘Foolish First’ DT) even the last singles semi had to be finished yet, followed by the famous ‘suitable rest’. But I was just happy to sit in the cozy restaurant feeling my legs slowly getting dry and warm again. During the doubles final, won in the end by the correct team, I saw my first live double net cord, which was fun. No slomo replay though, except inside my head. – My Kiel plans I had cancelled already by then. The homeward journey on almost empty freeways due to the German soccer team playing FIFA World Cup against Sweden (2:1). An adolescent grain field full of adult cranes. Deer. Roe deer. Massive bevies of jackdaws painting the skies above breezy Hamburg harbour. At 11pm a two hour warm-up nap at the rest stop near Münster. Then the last 100 km with the help of sometimes quite bright moonlight. Home at 2:30am. If I would’ve known before how cold I would feel that day for a long long time I would’ve rather stayed home sweet home. What a pity that would’ve been! A big round and shiny new pearl it is what I have now in my polychrome and opulent chaplet of not always as pleasing experiences.

P.S.: Today I’m sprawling out in bed all day long listening to Venetian polychorality of the 16th century and the crackling of the virtual fireplace in my iPad, which doesn’t come with heat and odor yet – but let’s just wait a couple of years… What a worthwhile contrast!!!