Fake is no solution.

Yesterday someone hopefully well-meaning bestowed 200 additional visits on my counter, which came in very quickly around 10am CET. As I want to thank him/her for his/her assiduity I want to ask as well very politely to refrain from things like that. It’s true, that I do hope for a little more resonance here, but fake is no solution. Definitely not! Thanks.


Good luck to everybody this week in Biberach!

KORPATSCH Tamara . LOTTNER Antonia . HOBGARSKI Katharina . SEKULIC Sarah-Rebecca . SCHAEDER Laura . GRONERT Sarah . KÖLZER Romy . RÜFFER Lena . SCHMIDT Lara . KÖNIG Franziska . RUPPERT Lena . SIEDLISKA Natalia etc.

‘Daily Five’ now on Flickr

The ‘Daily Five’ of the past are up on Flickr by now. Click to start the slideshow. You’ll find a play/pause button in the lower left, a fullscreen symbol in the lower right corner.

Since it’s using the ‘Flash’ technology, it’s not working with iPhones and iPads, on which one doesn’t see anything but an empty space here – not sure about the other operating systems. Here’s the → direct link to my Fotostream on Flickr.

Hues, shades, nuances

“Have a cup of something, sit back and enjoy…”

That’s, what I wrote in my last post and then even put on the main page. The words gave credit to the Gallery 2, with which I am quite happy by now.

It’s, what I do sometimes. On my iPad for instance I swipe the image almost to fullscreen, just as big that I still can see the names below the images.

It’s the grayscale thing that I do enjoy so much.

When editing I sometimes have to bid farewell to the beautiful colors a little wistfully. Nevertheless and bravely I always do so knowing how rich the greyscale results will be. And they always are.

Guess, that the sensitivity for this has waned a bit among younger people. They probably think that fifty is a large number. But there are millions of shades, hues, nuances, gradations, differentiations, distinctions of grey, black and white.

For me it’s very rewarding to deal with that topic all day long by now, and so I maybe overshot a bit with my enthusiastic words, which I pulled back afterwards due to the possibility to get them misinterpreted as arrogant or uncomfy stuff like that.

But if you do it, the ‘cup-and-sit’ thing, you’ll possibly discover the ‘enjoy’ part as well…


Monica Puig, Heather Watson, Sam Stosur, Elena Vesnina, Alison Riske.

What’s going on with them?
Ah, yes, of these players I added some pics to Gallery 2 yesterday.

They are from Strasbourg ’16.

Some nice memories of that not unimportant city and my stay on a cozy and comfy camping site there.

I always will hear the loudspeaker announcement at that tram station near the tournament area.

“Droits de l’homme.”

Which is french for ‘human rights’.

How nice the idea to have it done by a child’s voice, probably the son or daughter of an employee.

Artistic Attempts

Anything goes.

Interval: 10sec. Enjoy, swipe or stop by holding mouse over image.

Errani . Cepelove . Golubic . Sharapova . Lottner . Pliskova . Stosur . Bertens . Jankovic . Wöhr . Van Uytvanck . Gibbs .

Sara Errani
Jana Cepelova
Viktorija Golubic
Maria Sharapova
Antonia Lottner
Kristyna Pliskova
Samantha Stosur
Kiki Bertens
Jelena Jankovic
Jasmin Wöhr
Alison Van Uytvanck
Nicole Gibbs

Some references.

Hi there,

just added some navigation links near the relevant image sections so that one can jump easily from one to another now. Spent hours with deleting old stuff on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Instagram. Will try to apply all the lessons I’ve (hopefully) learned in the meantime on the presentation there as well. On Youtube there is nothing left as the ‘Practice Court’ files. It probably will be fun to start thinking about some more elaborated video cutting in the upcoming…

Sketches Of Serve

The ball toss at the serving procedure always has something heroic or mythical. It’s the most ‘Swanlake’ part of the game. The player frozen for a second as statue of (women’s) liberty. If I would have known before, how well this fits into my experiments with CG-postproduction, I would have taken more such photos. But there are some of them remaining to surprise myself with the results of editing…

[click to enlarge]

Carina Witthoeft
Viktorija Golubic
Camila Giorgi
Stefanie Vögele


One example of dealing with the ‘ero’ topic in a high-quality way instead of shooting nasty on-court pics. That Prague member of staff I spontaneously asked for this photo due to her red lipstick. We both had fun doing it. So many things in this smile: Friendliness, distance, teasing, independance, pride, comeliness, contact, loneliness, wickedness, roguery, joie de vivre, intelligence, experience, curiosity, conspiracy, female power, wisdom.

Normally I am no lipstick fan by the way. Most of the time I even feel repelled by makeup. But that’s jazz! Always to be ready to surprise yourself.