Beautiful Linz – Part Five

Schett, Larsson, Bertens, Suarez Navarro, Schuurs, et al.

This one’s dedicated to

  • Barbara Schett, who I did know only from her TV appearances on Eurosport before and who turned out to be a delicious person. Witty, down to earth, young.
  • Johanna Larsson and Kiki Bertens are fun to watch as well in matches as in training sessions. Lovely this soccer warm up I got the chance to depict.
  • Carla Suarez Navarro is one of the players, which are not so remarkable in common terms of shine and beauty, but who, by their intensity and character, imho often can be much more beautiful then the glamour girls. The most beautiful thing, though, is to sit by the court and watch the outmost wonderful parabolas of her oh so delicious backhand shots. Forehand, too.
  • Demi Schuurs is impressing. Period. 😉


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