Luxemburg 18-10-16

Davis, Doi, Kvitova, Schmiedlova, Wei-Hsie, Brengle, Schiavone, Bertens, Wozniacki, Bouchard, Cirstea, Siegemund, Beck, Minella

Left the Petkovic match after the first set. Everything looked like an easy win for Minella by then, and I didn’t want to annoy that jealous press photographer any longer, who seems to be afraid of me and my amateur camera and always tries to bite me away, when I’m searching for a good position to shoot. All the other chaps (and I asked everybody) have no problem with me sitting there silently somewhere in an empty corner of their bench, only this vertically challenged silverback seems to have a problem with me reaching the best quality.
Why is that so? It seems, that envy and grudge are powerful forces in the world.
I will continue trying to give my best (as Nick Bollettieri taught last week to the kids in Linz “No need to strive for being number one. Just try to give the best you can.”).
Although I have to admit, that I am wissfully reminiscing even by now the friendliness and hospitality of Mr. Adrowitzer, the chief press officer of the GENERALI LADIES LINZ. Thanks for everything and hopefully ’til next year.
But thank you as well for the local tournament deciders, who, albeit maybe willing but not able to grant me a badge here (“I’d get into some serious trouble, if I did.” – the local press officer said to me, guess because of guys like the one mentioned above) opened up some restrictions inofficially so that I can work much better now than I thought I could.
And my apologies to Andrea P., who won that one in three with a stunning amount of resilience and will-power (the last set I could watch in my local “Airbnb”-home on my tablet).
But… …why are you always so pale, my dear?
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