Linz 11-10-16

Would pretty much like to know, what this elderly chap said to Julia Görges. In the first pic she might think to herself, ok, just another worthless sweet talking like I was bored with a million times before. On the second pic there can be seen some interest glimmering in her eyes – maybe this is worth more attention than the everyday routine of a beautiful and famous woman. Then, in the third pic, she is bursting out with laughter. This guy certainly did press the right button there. 😉

See Alison Hughes posing like a pinup girl (presenting her beautiful backside) in the group picture. A very “Funny Bomes” person she seems to be.

Even under a hijab there’s a thinking or an idling brain, a caring or a frigid soul, a beating or a slobbing heart. And even Burka’s, so I was told, can be filled with beings of some human nature. In London’s Green Park I once watched a group of two men and three women surrounded with a bunch of kids. All of arabic origin. One of the men was in shirt and jeans, the other in traditional islamic clothes. Two of the women wore mini skirts, lots of makeup and bling and some decent cleavage, the third woman was enveloped in a black burka. The interesting thing about that scene was, that everybody in that group was dealing with everybody else in a totally relaxed and tolerant way. It could be seen, that those folks were living the each-to-their-own-motto in an examplary matter. “Angst essen Seele auf” is the title of a film by legendary german filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder. As the title is in broken german, the broken english translation goes “Fear eat soul up.” Maybe we all should try to be a little more fearless. Would be worthwhile, too.
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