Linz 9-10-16

It’s kinda funny. Under normal circumstances I’d always be with Stefanie Voegele, because I like her style very much and since she’s one of the players having to deal too much with frustration I am always glad to see her win. Today she played Patty Schnyder, whose paths intersected quite often with mine this summer, together with her nice little family, always nice to see and lots of good pics. When Patty plays, I am rooting for her, no matter what. Not alone, that she is imho one of the most beautiful women in the world. It’s really good news (not so new anymore by now), that she came back and one can see and enjoy her playing hopefully for years and years to come (see Kimiko Date Krumm). 😉 But of course it’s very good news as well that Stefi V. is so grumpy and eager at the moment and she is playing decent tennis these days. Now, that Patty is out, I can and will take her side much more again.

To Genie Bouchard I wanted to say today, that she should not be so disappointed with herself. Life is short and one should enjoy every second of it, no matter if win or lose.

Carla Suarez Navarro is a beauty. Period! And no resist talking.

Slideshow in a few hours… … …reduced it to 21 pics.

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