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Special program for next week

Even if I should bring my laptop to Luxemburg next week I will have so much work to do selecting and deleting files after long days of shooting, that I decided to pause the normal update procedure from 13-21 Oct. Since it is possible to schedule the publishing date for new posts I’ll come up with a daily collage of 4 images, which will be automatically up as new post every midnight during that period. So, check it out. Here again the link to the ‘POSTS’ page.


New Wallpaper
Sam Stosur
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Stefanie Voegele

Thoughts Of A Partisan Monk

I’d wish to make understandable to the players as well as to the spectators, that it is not about individuals here. In fact it even is not about tennis actually. Not about single players or persons. Could have easily chosen another field of work for my photographic activities, but in tennis several aspects come together in perfect choreography. There are things without which life on this dungeon planet would become entirely senseless. At least to me. Music is one of them. And silence. Light. And shades. La joie de la moment. Trust-building. Movement. Motion. Emotion. Thoughts. Obliviousness. Courage. Patience. Perseverance. Breath. Energy. Women. Yes, without women the world would be nothing but deaf, dumb and blind. (Not the natural world. The human one. Nature doesn’t falter.) Women are music. Women are light. Fuel, oven and ointment. Breath. Energy. Shades. Lots of shades! Bearers of the flame of life. In tennis women are not weak. They are warriors, heroines, gamblers, gold-diggers. They work so hard, they have so much to suffer, frustrations, injuries. It’s so fascinating to watch the world changing right now just by this half of (wo)mankind getting stronger and stronger. Even if I see the necessity to find good and fulfilling ways to deal with that as a man without feeling threatened, I would strongly prefer this still blue pinchpenny to be governed entirely by women. Not ruled though! No soul should be entitled or encouraged to dominate another one. Maybe I would become (remain) a partisan or anarchist even under such a regime. But alltogether I still would appreciate it. They can be nasty, they can be mean, they can be petulant, utterly unfair. But they are the wonder of the world. They are the world. So, when I am after ‘BeautifulWTA’, it’s because I want to share my so enriching point of view here. Let’s celebrate beauty. The beauty of tennis. The beauty of sound and silence. The beauty of light and shades. The beauty of being in the moment. The beauty of courage, patience and perseverance. The beauty of women. On this behalf and if there are no objections I’ll continue to be an as humble as autonomous monk in this very temple.

Dear Visitor,

the best quick overview you might get by going to → Gallery 2 and my Flickr slideshow. There you find all the → ‘Daily Five’ updates of the past stored in one place. Click on the image below to start the slideshow. You’ll find a play/pause button in the lower left, a fullscreen symbol in the lower right corner.

Just in case, your device doesn’t support the Flash technology and you see nothing but an empty black space, here’s the → direct link to my Fotostream on Flickr. By using the Search function there (by clicking on the reading-glass symbol) you can search specifically for players names, tourneys etc. Clicking on the symbol to the right of the reading-glass will start the slideshow.

All you see there or here is just the tip of the iceberg. Hundreds of photos to come!

A good friend of mine, a gifted painter, is always regretting that he didn’t become a musician. With me, being a pro musician for all my life, it’s the opposite. I pretty much would have liked to be also an artist. With my → Wallpapers I follow that dream of being a little bit more creative in terms of ‘visuality’. Ah, let’s not forget the → ‘Upright’ section here, which is just about playing around a bit with the means of digital post production. Obviously far away from being true art but fun to do and hopefully fun to watch. In the Wallpapers section it’s about the use of fonts as well, which is worthwhile, since with this instrument you can point out or enhance so much aesthetically and emotionally.

Many of the images also are represented in my social network channels. Some of the videos I took of practice sessions from Viktoria Azarenka after her ‘baby break’ or Julia Goerges or Genie Bouchard have got quite a number of visits by now. You can watch them on → Youtube.

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Sometimes I’m writing some posts, which reflect my perception of things happening in the tennis world or just give some overall thoughts… → Posts

So, guess that everything is said for now. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you soon again!

Best regards,

Christian Brockmeier

As the name implies, the intention here is in documenting the beauty, not only of the players and the sport itself, but of the whole ambience, the surroundings, all those small situations which make the WTA, the ITF etc. and their events always interesting, sometimes amusing and often fascinating.
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Last update: 12/10/18
Gallery 2* (excerpt) | THE BALL IS NOW
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In order to enhance the performance here I moved the ‘Gallery 2’ to a special page. You can get there by clicking on the image.

* The 423 images of Gallery 2 are shown randomly. It’s all about greyscale here. There are millions of shades, hues, nuances, gradations, differentiations, distinctions of grey, black and white. Enjoy. To stay with a pic just hold the mouse over it.



NEW > Ana Vrljic

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‘Daily Five’

Having tested several styles and approaches finally I come to these results, which reflect best the vision which drew me into this project two years ago. So, why not have a look. From now on there will be five greyscale samples from this category, updated on a daily basis…

Just click on the first image and enjoy the slideshow like a movie with a new pic appearing every ten seconds. Or you can stop the slideshow by clicking on the symbol in the upper right corner and navigate individually with the arrow keys. In order to enhance the ‘cinematic’ impression you might want to toggle your browser to its fullscreen mode as well…

Myrtille Georges
Luxemburg ’16
Ana Ivanovic
Luxemburg ’15
Tara Moore
Luxemburg ’16
Carina Witthoeft
Luxemburg ’16
Kristyna Pliskova
Luxemburg ’16

The ‘Daily Five’ of the past are up on Flickr by now. Click to start the slideshow. You’ll find a play/pause button in the lower left, a fullscreen symbol in the lower right corner.

Since it’s using the ‘Flash’ technology, it’s not working with iPhones and iPads, on which one doesn’t see anything but an empty space here – not sure about the other operating systems. As you might know me by now, I will try and find a solution for that soon. For the time being here’s the → direct link to my Fotostream on Flickr.

Aachen, 6/5/18

Feature Of The Day

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New category: One commented pic per day. I find it difficult to condense all my thoughts about a photo into a concise headline and want to practice it a bit. The good news is, that after applying an even more precise ‘taste filter’ on the selection of over 900 edited greyscale photos about a third of them are remaining in the pool I want to draw upon for these verbal exercises. And here is the section to deal with the ambience part I talked about above…

Daily #293
Zaja | Wiesbaden ’16

High five

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You Don’t Have To Be Beautiful

If some of the younger one’s don’t know this beautiful line from the song ‘Kiss’ by ‘Prince’, just look it up in iTunes or Spotify or Youtube or somewhere else in the net. Or your parents have the CD. It comes from the movie ‘Under The Cherry Moon’, by the way. The reason, why I mention it here is not because of the plot of the song, but exclusively for the headline, ‘you don’t have to be beautiful’. The most beautiful photos come to exist when nobody is thinking of beauty at all. When everybody just 100% is doing what he/she is doing. The tennis player plays tennis. The photographer takes photos. Nothing more. Everything else can easily and should by all means left to however you wish to call it, coincidence, magic, life. Youngsters understandably are prone to posture a little bit too much now and then, especially when they know, that they are depicted for ‘BeautifulWTA’. Not all, but some of them. Just be you, that’s it! Easier said then done. Maybe the trickiest task of all: To be oneself, no ifs, no buts.

Michele Erkens

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